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History of

     Over twenty years of experience has taught us that the traditional ways of syndication is an overwhelming, unpredictable and an ineffective task. Most often editors n ever see the  work submitted.  It usually ends up in the hands of an intern instructed to return it with a ‘kindly’ rejection letter.

     In 1996, A. D. Kahn, Inc. reversed that process by launching “". Starting with about three dozen artists, (AMc) has grown to the largest feature resource on the Internet. Today AMc showcases well over a thousand feature images from more than one hundred artists.   

     AMc uses publicity, advertising and special targeted promotions to invite editors and Web designers to come and search for features relevant to  their articles, publications and Web sites.  Since the beginning has attracted and sold features to newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

                                                      A. David Kahn
                                                      Editor and Publisher


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