Editors of the trade newspapers and magazines 
are on the receiving end of promotions that includes
publicity and feature story releases and announcements.

“Feature-Finder” Service Wins With 
Editors Around The World.

Farmington Hills, Michigan – has unveiled a new version of their Feature-Finder service.  According to CEO David Kahn;  “It makes it easier and faster for editors to find cartoons, comic strips and written articles relevant to the articles and themes of their publications.”

Managing Director, Jerry Weinfuss states; “ currently hosts about two thousand cartoons, editorial panels, caricatures, comic strips, puzzles and written columns.  We represent the work of 136 selected artists and 11 writers. New talents are being evaluated and added regularly.  The diversity and quantity of features residing at generate about 40,000 hits per week.  This site has become a popular meeting ground for many editors, artists and lovers of cartoon humor.

Mr. Kahn states; “Our new Feature-Finder search engine automatically finds the work that relates to the keyword subjects entered by the editors.   We continue to offer our ‘SASSback’ service. That’s   our  Search and Send  Service. Editors email their requests for particular subjects and we then search both the artists’ online and archive files for the requested subject matter.”

“Some recent sales reflect that our feature service is useful to a worldwide market.”  Ms. Katarzyna Derenda, editor for Reflex Magazine in Gdansk Poland says: “Finding cartoons to for the themes of our magazine was very easy and is actually fun.”  Ms. Catherine Laurent, a book editor for Editions-Didier in Paris France, mentioned: “Selecting cartoons by the subjects of our books has delivered wonderful images to us.”  Ted Field, Managing Editor with the chain of Liberty Group Publishing states;  “Being that our markets are made up of small towns, gives us a wider variety of options for our editorial cartoons.” 

To introduce this new Feature-Finder, invites editors to visit to select a feature of their liking and then contact for the rights to publish it at no cost. also welcomes your requests by phone.  Just call the Media Service Manager at 248-661-8585.

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The above publicity was part of a media kit released to Editor and Publisher on 5/20/2002

Publishers' Auxiliary 
Trade paper for the National Newspaper Association)
Published 11/1/99
Syndication News-------

Finding the right market
for your material can be done.

   Talent abounds at community newspapers. Writers, photographers, cartoonists-all have received national recognition for their efforts In contests.

But what if there's someone on your staff who should be syndicated?  What avenues should you go down to get his or her material out to the larger masses?  You could always try to market the column or cartoon yourself; contacting newspaper after newspaper and pitching your product.  That approach is time consuming and disheartening, unless you enjoy hearing, "No."

    Syndicates already have that marketing apparatus in place.  But it's as difficult marketing the material to the big syndicates as it is to market it on your own.

Unless you write for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post or one of the other affiliated papers with the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service, don't bother submitting the material., according to Managing Editor Kate Carlisle, the company only publishes material from its affiliated papers.

    Still, Carlisle said, she gets two to three calls a week from people looking to syndicate a column or with a story idea.  "Some want a job or to report for us," she added.

    When David Kahn, editor for Artist- Market, first started out 25 years ago to market a puzzle, he mailed envelope after envelope containing his material.  After several months of making no headway he got off his chair and headed to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to call on the syndication companies personally.
   "I got to know the syndicators personally." he said.  And in the course of his contacts, he got turned off to the reality of the big syndicates.

    "A large syndicate kept me on a string for three years, after discouraging me from signing with a smaller firm, but nothing came of it.”

    Kahn said the large syndicators get submissions from cartoonists and puzzle makers all the time.

   "Sometimes as many as 10,000 submissions a year," he said, "while smaller syndicates may get only a few hundred per year."

   With all those submissions piling up, Kahn said, "there's no possible way they can review them all.  For any artist who thinks he'll be able to reach an editor, his chances are slim to none."   

Publishers' Auxiliary (Continued)

   With the advent of the Internet, Kahn said, editors began receiving direct submission electronically.

"Editors can't look at them all," Kahn said.  That's why he started He considers it a resource for newspaper and magazine editors.  "Editors can come to the site and search for a cartoon or caricature that's relevant to their readers," he added.  He has works from almost 200 artists and is adding more every week.

    "It's a new and different ball game now," Kahn said.  Editors can specify what type of art-work they're looking for and will search its web site and then e-mail, mail or fax the items to the newspaper.

       Currently, Kahn said he's making a major change to his web site. There are ongoing promotions to newspapers across the country, advertising his site as a resource for newspaper artwork.  He started the site in 1996 and began promoting it in 1997.  It's gone through several generations.

    " is a living thing," Kahn said.  "It's always changing."

  (The preceding was excerpted from the Publishers’ Auxiliary, a trade paper published by the National Newspaper Association.)      

First Press RELEASE Published in Editor and Publisher in June, 1997 

“the funniest place on the internet.” is the internet address that showcases the works of hundreds of cartoon artists, puzzle and game makers.  Each of the cartoons, comic strips, political panels, and caricatures are categorized according to theme.  From their computers Webmasters are given the opportunity to “TOON UP” their websites. is the creation of David Kahn, editor of A.D. Kahn, Inc., a syndicate established in the mid seventies to promote the works of publication cartoonists and puzzle makers.  According to Mr. Kahn, “The artists represented on are selected from thousands of submissions.  They are prescreened for style and quality of art, originality, professionalism and of course humor.


Whatever work is desired, supplies webmasters with the work via electronic means such as E-mail or FTP.  They choose exactly what they want .....when they want it! webmaster, Alex Levit states: ”We have spent a great deal of time creating a broad based variety of topics and styles.  From political panels to children’s comics, outer space to cyber space, Alimony to zebras, has a toon for the topic of your website.”


Stephen Yatooma, marketing director for Said:” This is truly the funniest place on the internet not only can  Webmasters add eye candy to their work, but anyone can go their to get a good laugh when they need it most.”


To get a good laugh just visit and enjoy the ride.  To add “EYE CANDY” to a websight simply click the E-mail button and make known your desire.  Arrangements can then be made to acquire a specific work or contract with them to develop and produce the work that will fulfill the projects needs.