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ArtistMarket.com is a logical and attractive answer to your career goals. ArtistMarket.com is a proven concept for the marketing of artists' work. 

ArtistMarket.com is the largest Cartoon, Comic, Puzzles and Games Site on the Internet. Our "Feature-Finder" is created for Editors, Web developers, Art Directors and publishers to find the talent they need to "toon up" their publications and websites. We are constantly promoting the site and our artists to the market.

Your participation enables you to have your work shown to thousands of otherwise unknown prospects. 

Over twenty years experience has taught us that the traditional ways of syndication is an overwhelming and unrewarding task. 

Mailing (or emailing) your work to editors of syndicates, newspapers and magazines is unpredictable and ineffective. Most often the editors don't even see your work and it usually ends up in the hands of an intern instructed to return it with a ‘encouraging’ rejection letter.  (Sound familiar?)

ArtistMarket.com has reversed that process by promoting world-wide with advertising, targeted email promotions in addition to aggressive public relations.  (Check out what some of the trade papers have published about ArtistMarket.com)

Editors are invited to come see the features that enable them to “toon-up” their publication. Internet webmasters are also come to ArtistMarket.com to enhance their websites.  

Currently the pages on this site recorded total hits of 20,000 to 30,000 every  week.  Following some of our promotion, the hits to our many pages have totaled over   40,000 hits a week. That’s tremendous volume!

The results are becoming increasingly apparent.  Sales are growing and going everywhere.  We’ve had our artists’ work sold to publications from as far away as France and Poland.  Newspapers, magazines, book publishers and even tee-shirt producers are buying images from the artists of ArtistMarket.com.

If your work is of the quality that deserves "being seen" by the buying market, then we want to have you send it in to us for evaluation.

If we accept your work, you no longer will you have to wait for some syndication firm to pick up your work for the public to see it.  Now you can take matters into your own hands and have ArtistMarket.com help sell you and your work on the web.

Participation in ArtistMarket.com is a web showcase of your own. Your work will be in the "Toon-Finder" database.  Editors will see samples of your work under specific topics and they can review the rest of your work by clicking on your link in the Artists Showcase. 

We invite you to submit your work. However our artist selection team is composed of professionals in the industry and we will only accept artists worthy of  publication and syndication.

So are you ready to email or write us?       

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TEL (248) 661-8585   FAX (248) 788-1022

email: editor@ArtistMarket.com

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