Are You 
Tired of...

...stacks of submission
and portfolios.

...stressful and time
consuming negotiations.

...being swamped.

Choosing the 
wrong talents.

We Have a Solution...

...that puts the whole world 
in your hand,

and lets you 
kick back.

Its easy 
and only
a mouse click away...


  Welcome to ArtistMarket.com....
The place to "TOON-UP" your publications with comic strips, puzzles, games, insightful cartoons and many written articles.

    Whether your medium is a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, book, greeting card, or a web site, you're sure to find many ideas by browsing our artists' and writers’ portfolios or using our "Feature-Finder" subject search engine.   New talents are being added weekly.  Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often.

   Here is a free service we think you'll like: Contact us with your request for the kind of subject matter you want for your publication or specific article.  We'll gladly search our complete web site of thousands of possibilities.  We'll also look in the files of our artists for even more samples of their work.  We'll then email (or mail or fax) them to you.  If you like what you see, we'll arrange for you to get the publishing rights at very reasonable rates. 

    If you want a single panel, a political cartoon or an ongoing syndication contract for a strip, ArtistMarket.com supplies you with the work in most all formats. 

    Our artists and writers are chosen from thousands of submissions.  All entries are screened for quality, originality, professional stamina, and, of course, humor.  From political panels to children's' comics, outer space to cyber space, alimony to zebras, ArtistMarket.com has great features for your topics.

   Our artists and writers are anxious to fulfill your needs on an ongoing basis.  Many of them already have a successful history of publication.

    When you find the work you need contact us via Email or phone.   Have the creator’s name and selected items ready when you contact us.  It's really that simple.

35336 Spring Hill Road
Farmington Hills, MIchigan 48331-2044
TEL (248) 661-8585   FAX (248) 788-1022
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Dear Webmasters and Site Designers:

Welcome to the ArtistMarket.com.

     From your computer to the place where talented artists offer you a great art and artists to "TOON-UP" your WEB SITES.

     Regardless of the nature or subject of your clients' Web sites, you're sure to find many relevant "mind-enticing-eye candy" ideas at this market of artists, cartoons, comic strips, puzzles and games.

    ArtistMarket.com enables you to locate the style of art, puzzle or game that is relevant to your client's website.

    Whatever your desire, a joke panel or a specific editorial cartoon, an ongoing comic strip or puzzle, ArtistMarket.com supplies you with the work via electronic means such as email or FTP. You choose exactly what you want . . . when you want it!

     Take a mouse-moving tour through our artists' portfolio.  When you have found either one or more items that you want to consider for your Web sites, simply contact: info@artistmarket.com

     At ArtistMarket.com our goal is to provide customized services. Make a one time purchase or set up an account for your multiple Web sites. The options are endless.

     Our Artists are carefully screened for quality, originality and of course humor. Browse through the variety of topics and styles. From political panels to children's comics, outer space to cyber space, Alimony to Zebras, ArtistMarket.com has toons for all your clients' needs. (If we don't, just as us and we'll have it made for you.)

We welcome your input and feedback as you explore this Web site. Tell us want you want to see here on ArtistMarket.com and how we can serve you better.

35336 Spring Hill
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331-2044
TEL (248) 661-8585   FAX (248) 788-1022

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