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Q- Are you agents or brokers, or are you simply presenting a vehicle which enables creators to obtain more exposure?

A-  The answer to your question is all three!

AMc is, first and foremost, an Internet based resource for editors who seek professional materials (cartoons, strips, caricatures, editorial/political panels, puzzles and written features) for publication. Only AMc offers them the opportunity to find features relevant to the subject matter of their publication and/or articles.

Secondly AMc is also a feature syndicate that has been operating differently than other syndicates since the development of the AMc web site.


Although AMc is a ‘showcase’ for the work of artists and writers,  

we accept only those talents who’s work has been submitted and approved for exposure to the editors we invite to use our service. 

Q- What is the "Feature Finder?"

A- It is an internal search engine that scans the database of keywords leading to the features.  This database provides editors, art directors and Web site developers with an easy, efficient and comprehensive way to access the talent they need to enhance their publications or Web sites.

 Q- How much does it cost to have my work shown on

A- This site is about editors. If the features submitted do not meet our requirements of being a product that will be bought by editors, no amount of money can buy the exposure on   

Q-How much do you charge the publication for a cartoon.

A- The rates the customers pay for a feature is based upon their medium and circulation.  We've sold features for as little as $5.55 (for a sale of 144 cartoons for $800.00)  and as high as $500.  Most of the editors with whom we work, keep coming back for more. 

Q- What do you do to promote the visitation of the buying editors?

A- By our various proactive actions (internet advertising, public relations, targeted email promotions), we invite editors to our Web site where they can do a search based on what they need.

Q- Who decides on the keywords that delivers the features in the results of the “Feature Finder?”

A- We welcome the suggestions of the artists and writers however, we give priority to our keyword lists due to the fact that they must match the words that are likely to be used by the searcher. (All artists and writers published on are included in a database designed to allow searches by artist name, keyword, category, style, etc.)

Q- What are, 'the business end of things'?

A- The business end of things is different depending on the artists and writers. Each individual feature is negotiated separately. Some do sell much more than others. The value of the artist's name, the product, the publication and its circulation are all criteria that influence the end result.

Q- Can I sell my own work?

A- Participating artists and writers may chose to negotiate the sale of their own work or use the syndication services of Syndicated (by contract) must have their work sold exclusively through their syndicate.

Q- What percentage of artists have their work sold?

A-There are many artists on the site who represent themselves and we are not alway aware of to whom or how much they sell.

 Q- How long has been operating? 

 A- Conceived in 1995.  Created in 1996.  Published in 1997.

Q- Who have you sold too?

A- Many different newspapers, magazines and even tee shirt producers.  

Q- Will you show the buyers on the site?

A- No. Our client base is not shown on the site primarily to maintain our relationship without having others inundate them with features that have not been requested .

Q- Is information available for a potential participating feature creator or to review? 

A- Yes.

Q- Have you considered advertising on the major search engines?

A- We are listed with the major search engines as an editors’ resource. is only about editors. We are not interested in attracting the general public. We want editors come to our site. Our public relations and advertising is directed to our buying market.

Q- Why are there no apparent links to related sites, or URL redirects to the web sites or pages as may be maintained by individual creators?

A- We are here to serve the needs of the editors who use our site to find relevant features for their publications and web sites.  Banner advertising sending them to other sites defeats our and their purposes.  

Q- Once a creator agrees to be represented by your company, are they entering into an exclusive agreement of any form? 

A- Yes.  However it applies only to the feature work of the artist that we are representing.

Q- Does the artist remains the sole owner of his work?

A- Yes.  

Q- Must I have been published prior to have my work considered?

A- Your submission will be considered regardless of whether or not you have been previously published.

Q- What should I send in for may submission?

A- Go to the “Artists Wanted” or “Writers Wanted” hotlinks on the home page and follow the Submission Guidelines listed.  




  1. What percentage of your customers are newspapers?  
    ANSWER:  Previously, newspapers accounted only for about 50% with magazines and book publishers being the remaining.   I am hoping that following our promotion to the newspaper editors, they will likely account for 70% of our account listings.  Although magazine sales produce more income per feature than newspapers.
  2. How many artist contributors do you now have? (More than 100?)
    ANSWER:  We currently have 135 artists and 11 writers on the site with the availability of more in the wings.
  3. How many images do you offer? (More than 1,000?)
    ANSWER: Currently over 2,000 on the site and at least that number in the artist files.
  4. What categories of art do you currently offer?
    ANSWER:  Caricatures, general humor cartoon panels and strips, editorial and political panels, comic strips (both stand-alone humor and ongoing storylines.)  We also offer puzzles and games for publication.  If your question about category is in regard to subject matter, database of images includes approximately 5-10 keywords for each feature.
  1. Can clients commission freelance work from your contributors?
    ANSWER:  Yes, we have served clients with creative art for their corporate collateral and also have supplied custom art for manufacturers of products bearing the cartoonist’s images.
  2. What percentage of payments go to and what percentage  to your artists?
    ANSWER:  50%
  3. What differentiates from other online cartoon sources?
    ANSWER: Our volume of product and our ability to serve our clientele with a “whatever it takes attitude.”

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