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       Allan is currently an actor and free-lance writer, as well as a writer, photographer, and coffee-runner at staff meetings - for FIERY FOODS and BBQ MAGAZINE, and ROUTE 66 MAGAZINE.  He has written for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Wichita Eagle, and Kansas City Bullsheet; and to-an-outlet, the response to his unique brand of humor, insightful commentary and questionable ethics - has always been thought-provoking, and has resulted in more than his share of arraignments. 

          His life and work has been a virtual "Who's Where" (an off-shoot of the more famous "Who's Who"), as publishers and editors everywhere, never seem to know "who" or "what" he's talking about, and "where" those entities are located.  Undaunted, he has taken this ineptitude to a new level - and in so doing, has absolutely stupefied his friends and family on a regular basis, as well as having amassed a huge, almost staggering debt.  

            Prior to all this carnage, Allan was born and raised in Wichita, KS., where as a child, he was always involved in acting, writing, and baseball.  He battled his way through puberty, then the tumultuous, 'teen-age years', eventually reaching 'pinhead' status.

           He attended Wichita St. University (1989 College World Series Champions), where he studied acting and creative writing; had a tri-weekly sports show at the college radio station, and did play-by-play and color for the WSU basketball games.  TV and movies then began to present opportunities, and women began 'setting the tone' for later years, as they stood him up in record numbers.  His Master's Thesis on the Applied Science of Planning and Maintaining a Kegger was 'a landmark' to some, 'stunning and provocative' to others, with everyone else just throwing up their hands and issuing a strong request for community service.  And, his heroic stand - lobbying for a Department of Advanced Fondology - was an inspiration to at least six guys
that we know of.  As would always be the case with Allan, 'Jumping in head first' (not totally metaphoric - which could explain a LOT!), had really paid off - and before long, he had cemented his place in the acting and writing worlds...well, they were 'pouring the concrete' anyway.  Sports announcing/writing, commentary and history were now firmly in place,  and then, the last piece of this intricate, yet slovenly mosaic, made
it's way to the forefront - Photography.

           In 1975, Allan graduated.....Of course, there's always been another version of what happened - which according to my source, Shecky Parnell, who incidentally, 'made bail' on Tuesday - states that Allan was told, "We want you to leave WSU, yesterday"!!  No one is really sure.…But, that was then… "And the rest, as they say......"    

          For the last seventeen years, Allan has taken this versatility (and his incredible ability to mooch a free meal), combined it with his wide range of interests and alleged talents, and traveled the world - working, expanding his horizons, and in a lot of cases, just trying to elude any number of collection agencies. 

          With his dedication and hard work, his resilience, and his never-say-die approach, Allan has not only blown thousands of dollars in the process, but has achieved a moderate - check that - a 'less-than-slight' degree of success; AND, has managed to annoy - as well as perplex - some of the finest and most respected publishers, TV/radio station managers, and theatrical directors this nation has to offer.......You know - if you take a minute, and really think about that...consider all the factors involved - that is not an easy thing to pull off.

           In summation, Allan's an actor, a writer, photographer, and world-renown cretin; he's a movie reviewer; and has been a correspondent at six World Series, five Super Bowls, the Kentucky Derby, four NCAA Tournaments, the Academy Awards, and numerous championship fights.  He's a certified (some folks would prefer 'certifi-able') BBQ judge, Food & Travel Consultant; makes a "helluva bowl of chili", loves 'killer' roller coasters, walking on the beach, and cable TV;  his turn-offs are.....Oh, I'm sorry.  I must've had one of my "Jim Lang Flashbacks" again......(And if you don't remember who Jim Lang is - I'm reeeeally disappointed in you)

Allan is 'an original', with an approach to life that can only be described, as "severely misguided."  Without reservation, I can say to you here and now, "his 'kind', is rare indeed"....and we can all count our blessings for that!

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