Matthew Bamberg 

Why am I uncomfortable? 
How do I feel about rules?
How can I learn new things? 
Why do I care so much about what happens at work or school? 
Why did I eat that? 
Our reflections are born from questions we ask ourselves every day.

The Reflection Connection --the first cyber reflections of the Information age--connects readers to the Internet with life-affirming anecdotes, each with relevant Web site links. 

The author, Matt Bamberg, an educator and writer for several magazines, newspapers, and Internet companies, guides readers on a spirit-filled quest that will offer the anima a gentle massage along with a chuckle.

Using their computers, cell phones or other Internet connection devices, readers will examine contemporary issues about which they ask themselves daily to peruse the Internet with a purpose. 

Matt Bamberg, the writer who created the reflections, synthesized the idea from his experience as a writer for newspapers and magazines and teacher of teachers. 

Teachers are taught to reflect about their behavior in the classroom, 
and in turn help their students with their thinking skills. Mr. Bamberg has synthesized this approach to readers of magazines, newspapers and Internet sites by having them take a look at a selected issue, contemporary or ancient, one at a time, every day. And to use the Web site links that are included with each reflection to peruse the Internet with a purpose. 
Matt Bamberg is an adjunct professor at two universities, Chapman and National, and a freelance writer based in Palm Springs, CA. He received his M.A. in Creative Arts at San Francisco State University's InterArts Center in 1996.

The writer's previous publications offer a wide variety of content, from 
feature newspaper stories and magazine articles to software publications for children:

* A historical look at Palm Springs through the decades for Palm Springs Life magazine.

* Articles for and America Online, offering home improvement and real estate advice.

* Articles about politics, art, and popular culture for the Gannett 
newspapers, The Desert Sun and the Desert Post Weekly.

* The book Multimedia Projects for HyperStudio (FTC Publishing, 2000), widely used in schools and sold via educational conferences and large educational resellers. 

* Educational units for the Lightspan Partnership, an educational Internet 
and software company in San Diego, CA. Units include Weatherworks, Transportation Station, Classroom Superstore, American Addends, and The Travelbugs. All help students achieve high educational standards.

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