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We want protection; we demand protection. We are Americans who have always felt safe on our soil without worry of someone bombing us, exploding our nuclear reactors, boarding flights with foot dynamite, or ramming our own planes into our own buildings. But things have changed.  We have become vulnerable..and we despise it, fear it.

I love hearing stories by our elders who tell about unlocked doors, safely walking dark lanes after dusk, letting children out to romp without being kidnaped, and how neighbors believed that others’ health and welfare were as important as their own..

Now it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a home security system, won’t let their children play in their own backyard, and wouldn’t think about walking the streets during the day, let alone at night. Making eye contact with a stranger is a dangerous thing; going to the bathroom alone in a public place is risky business, and picking up hitchhikers or even riding with a stranger during an emergency is an insane thing. Drive-by shootings are commonplace.

Gosh. It’s a scary  world, so much so that we’re pleading with our government to make our country safe again.  Our bureaucrats say, “To do that, we have to limit potential trouble by having citizens forfeit gun ownership, and cede our privacy so the government knows everything about us and what our psychological profile dictates what we’ll do. relinquishing our right to bear arms, going through one detector after another to enter a place, and allowing ourselves to be followed on paper, on monitors, and on the internet, are the beginning of the end of the Constitution. Granted, perilous times require extreme measures, but when do we cross the line from being a free people to an oppressed one?

I fret over whether this is all a grand scheme where our government allows, such heinous acts for the purpose of making us less unified as a country and more unified as a one world society. Anything that will harm us (whether real or contrived)–contaminated environment, riotous spots, galloping lawbreakers, fiendish actions, a dissolving rich economy, a distressed health care system and an equally plagued social security system,  poor educational structure, questionable religious institutes, and decadence in our moral and traditional values–forces us to turn to the government for solace and help.

Living in fear, threats by terrorists, a worsening economy, weakening religious, marital, and educational institutions, a loss of morals, and a loss of individual and national rights subjugates us to the will and whim of the government.

Here’s a thought. Let’s keep a close eye on what our government is doing, sneaking in on us, pulling over us. And why not promote good will among us and detente with other countries wile still protecting us and our rights? Why not teach our children from the get-go what is and isn’t proper; how to both be respectful and yet lead; how to appreciate our country, be loyal to it, and yet critically constructive about it; how to correct our faults while still retaining our identity and sovereignty? What belongs to the people should remain with the people, what regulations fall to the government should stay with the government. To accomplish all this means that we as parents must take an active role in teaching our children what rightfully ours and what rightfully goes to Caesar.


Nan DeVincent-Hayes, Ph.D. 

Copyright 2002 Nan Hayes