Nan Hayes   

Nan DeVincent-Hayes is an internationally recognized author of 14 royalty-published books and over 100 articles and short stories in highly circulated and commercial newspapers.  One of her books has been optioned for a movie. Hayes has a doctorate in literature and writing. 

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Nan Hayes Articles

  1. "How to Collect Art"

  2. "Crafts Vs Arts"

  3. "Careers in the Art Field"

  4. "Cloning Art"

  5. What is a "Gallery"?  

  6. The Heart of Frederick Hart

  7. The Value of Local Artists  

  8. The Ghost Dancer

  9. Elliott’s Island  

  10. Lies

  11. Literature by Mouth

  12. Morrison’s “Paradise”  

  13. Caesar

  14. OPINION COLUMN “Here’s a Thought.” 

  15. OPINION COLUMN “Here’s a Thought.” 

  16. OPINION COLUMN “Here’s a Thought.” 

  17. OPINION COLUMN “Here’s a Thought.” 

  18. OPINION COLUMN “Here’s a Thought.”                                                                                Writers'Bloc