Marty Horak   

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Marty Horak is a semi-retired executive who founded and ran three design/manufacturing Companies. Mr. Horak is the holder of several patented items, many in the Cable Television Industry and some still used today. A graduate of the New York City school systems, he clearly states that of all his education, the "School of Hard Knocks" prevails as the most instructive.

As a semi-retiree, Mr. Horak began writing articles for his local community paper, all with a high sense of Humor, and all from his personal perspectives. Having traveled much of the world, and always finding the humor in the most difficult of circumstances, he writes from these experiences.

Mr. Horak is the first to acknowledge the grammatical errors found in much of his writings, but claims he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and writes the way he speaks. This unique style has proven quite successful.



Marty Horak's Articles

       "Diapers" tells of actual events of a Parents and Grandparents, in the art of child diapering a child

       "A Sign for Our Times" points out how our children begin to look at their parents, through the eyes of the "wiser ones"

       "Guaranty" points out the use of the word and how it has become meaningless

       "Learning to Think" demonstrates how the youth of today, lacks both common sense and the ability to think for themselves.

       "Olympics"  a quick look at these past winter Olympic scoring systems

       "Road Rage" A senior's look at Road Rage and what to do

       "What's in a Name?" picking a name for your child                                                                          Writers'Bloc