Anthony Mayfield

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri in Homer G. Phillips Hospital. Homer Gee, as we called it, was known for the attention that it gave to cuts, stabs, bullet wounds, trauma, and delivering black babies.

The third of six children and the oldest male, I grew up on the city's tough north side. The neighborhood I lived in wasn't a project, a slum, or a ghetto. We weren't below neither on the poverty line. I guess an appropriate description would be that we were upper, lower, middle class.

My creative and imaginative writing abilities were spawned in a neighborhood ripe with an over abundance of negative influences that were constantly working to steer me down a path of illegal activity. However, on the other hand, my mother, being a strong black woman, demanded that I walk the straight and narrow. As if the pressure from my mom and my peers wasn't enough, I also had to deal with a healthy dose of sibling rivalry. Consequently, as a way of escape, I developed a fertile and creative imagination.

I attended high school in St. Louis but a big part of my formal education came from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. I have written poems, plays, scripts, columns, articles, and an internet soap opera called "Chocolate Kisses". I wrote "Chocolate Kisses" for a website called Netnoir. In short, any writing that requires a vivid imagination, I can do it! Presently, in addition to writing, I work as a computer-networking technician.

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