Dale Moore

Dale Moore has been a teacher, pastor, mental health worker, administrator, neighbor, friend, father, husband and child.  Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, he has worked in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.  He is a graduate of Anderson University in Indiana and Central Michigan University in Michigan.  From the experiences in life in each of those roles and communities he has created a perspective on life that is the basis for his column.

His column, “My Two Cents Worth…”  has appeared in seven newspapers in Michigan, Ohio and Florida.  In addition to the column, which he has been writing for over ten years, he is the author of a book entitled “Moments” and three plays.  He has also had poetry published by Iliad Press.

He currently resides in Waterville, Ohio, where he serves as a consultant to charter schools. He is currently working on two books and a fourth play.    

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