Scott Piraino
From Austin, Texas

I am a writer and it took me a long time to get here. 

I was born in Lewiston, Idaho 35 years ago. I grew up in Idaho and Montana and graduated from high school in 1984. While everyone else went to college or worked around town, I was determined to leave the area behind. I went to Europe and joined a traveling carnival. I spent two years traveling the European countryside trying to "find" myself. 

I then joined the United States Navy. I served aboard the Battleship USS Iowa. During my tour aboard ship there was an explosion in turret two. Forty-seven sailors were killed.  My time aboard the Iowa had taught me to despise the Navy, however after one of the deceased sailor's was blamed for the explosion, my hatred of the United States Navy became an obsession.

Since leaving the Navy I have lived in Seattle, Lewiston and now Austin, Texas. Why am I just now beginning to write? For years I was angry, bitter, and depressed. Not just with the Navy but with the direction of the United States, and with life in general. That's why I'm ready to write editorials. I want my columns to speak for the silent majority of Americans who have no voice. George Washington warned of an "enterprising minority", that could ruin our country. My columns will address issues which affect our country, with an anti-elitist viewpoint. To dispel darkness, one need only shine light upon it. 


Articles Available

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  2. Trade with Asia

  3. The Trails of Microsoft

  4. Reaganomics

  5. The Third Depression                                                                       Writers'Bloc