Kimberly Salter
"My Bio"
By: Kimberly Salter

     You’ve got to be kidding right? A Bio on me, hum, well, where do I start? As far back as I can remember, I wrote song lyrics, stories, poetry, and theater pieces (of course I acted out most of the parts). For some of these, awards and recognition followed. Unfortunately, I gave it all up in the days of my youth, only to come here - full circle. I love Words! They describe color, texture, and convey feelings and intent. They say, "A picture paints a thousand words", but a thousand words can describe a mural of depth, beauty and feeling that can move people to extreme emotion.

     I have lived to some, a very interesting life and to others, a very boring one. But I think my take on life is born of "positive" influences. I was raised in a house of "Independent Women", 3 sisters and an incredible matriarch for a Mother. From this vantage point I have survived sadness, loss, laughter, tremendous love and incredible happiness, which as you can see, are extremes of every sort. We have been poor and we have been rich. But through it all, we relied upon each other for strength and encouragement.

     Some have asked me; "Who are you to write?" What a question! I have seen the glass half full and half empty. My expressions are simply, to put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye or a warm feeling in your heart. I write from my experiences and perceptions of life. I love "PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS" and have a passion for life that is sometimes contagious. In the world we live in, what more could you ask of a person than to share something like this?

     Life is a "journey", and most of the time it’s fun to have a companion to share it with. My goal is to take you on the many facets of my "journey". Maybe you will relate, maybe you won’t and that’s ok. I am just thankful you have made it this far. I hope you will enjoy the things offered. For it is with pure intent that it is shared. 

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