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  Kirk Abner
Speaks on his religious views
Allan Baker
Allan is 'an original', with an approach to life 
that can only be described, as "severely misguided"
Matthew Bamberg *
connects readers to the Internet with life-affirming anecdotes, each with relevant Web site links.
  Jennifer Davies *
Columns about home work and working from home.  
Nan Hayes *
An internationally recognized author of 14 royalty-published books and over 100 articles and short stories in highly circulated and commercial newspapers
Marty Horak *
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and writes the way he speaks . . . with a high sense of Humor.  He finds humor in the most difficult of circumstances.
Anthony Mayfield *
From a neighborhood ripe with an over abundance of negative influences . . . then rising to the challenge of writing about them.  
  Dale Moore  *
"My Two Cents Worth"  Dale's Viewpoints on various subjects.
Monte Nagler  *
"Picture This"  An exceptional photography column by an exceptional photographer and writer.
Scott Piraino *
Addresses issues which affect our country, with an anti-elitist viewpoint. "To dispel darkness, one need only shine light upon it." 
Mike Ryan *
Andy Rooney meets Erma Bombeck and they have an illegitimate son named Mike Ryan"
Kimberly Salter *
Writes of "PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS" with  a passion for life that is sometimes contagious.
Robert Stedman *
Grabs your heart, makes you laugh and leaves a smile on your face.

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