Writer's Submission Guidelines

   ArtistMarket.com is the largest resource for newspaper and magazine editors and website presence providers. The market is worldwide and in constant need of quality features including: EDITORIAL/POLITICAL ARTICLES, HUMAN INTEREST ARTICLES, AND INSPIRATIONAL COLUMNS.   SUBJECTS  ANYWHERE FROM AGRICULTURE TO ZOOLOGY, OR FROM ACHIEVEMENT TO THE ZODIAC ARE OF INTEREST to the readers.  We welcome new ideas expressed in quality features.  The WritersBloc of ArtistMarket.com provides writers an avenue to reach buyers throughout the world. The potential market for quality work is vast and active.

    We look for the interesting and intriguing written word. We look for writing that is good, timely and acceptable to the editors we invite to review your work. If you’ve been published before, let us know where and when. Your submission will be considered regardless of whether or not you have been previously published. Also please include either some information about yourself or a resume. Indicate if you are already syndicated or if someone else owns the copyright to the feature.

    POSTAL MAIL SUBMISSION FORMAT:  If you include graphics with your document they should be drawn in black ink on white paper, with shading executed in ink wash or a screen from a dot structure. Your name(s) and the title of the document should appear on every piece of copy. Send black & white reproductions (do not send originals) of your feature by mail.  If you wish to have mailed-in work returned, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your submission.

    ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION VIA EMAIL OR FLOPPY DISK FORMAT:   We accept email or floppy or Zip disk (PC format) submissions only for a preliminary review. If you include graphics with your writing, prepare and send them in TIFF, JPEG or GIF files formatted for the PC. 

    It's easiest for mailing and processing if the document is about standard sheet-sized (8 1/2 x 11 inches) . The page size, however, is not firm. Work in the size and format of which you are most comfortable. Please remember, we cannot accept responsibility for originals, work in a size you can photo-copy easily and accurately.

Please address work to:

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