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Or any other readable subjects that begin with a letter from the above alphabet.

Let's talk about your taking the necessary steps towards being a more successful writer.

Let's talk about your work getting greater exposure.

Let's talk about your reaching an audience looking 
for product to buy and publish.

experience of several years has taught us that the traditional ways of syndication are an overwhelming and unrewarding task. One that most often leads only to rejection slips from editor who rarely see your submitted work. 

Sending your work to the editors of syndicates, newspapers and magazines is unpredictable and ineffective. Your work usually ends up in the hands of an intern instructed to return it with an ‘encouraging’ rejection letter.  (Sound familiar?)

In 1996, began to reverse that process.  Instead of taking 'products' to 'buyers', we bring the buyers to the products.  We started by promoting our artists with publicity  releases, advertising and targeted email promotions. We went after editors of newspapers, magazines and also to Web site designers.  It worked!  We have since sold work all over the world. may be the answer for your career goals.  

The "Writers'Bloc" gives authors, of all venues, the opportunity to have their submissions viewed by editors and the publishing industry. 

Our "Feature Finder" is created for editors, Web developers, art Directors and publishers to find the subject related writing and art they need to fuel their publications and Web sites.  By having samples of your written works along with the related keywords that best describe your pieces, the editors will be introduced to your work at the time that they call for the subject matter.  

The results are becoming increasingly apparent.  Sales are growing and going everywhere.  Our artists and writers have sold to publications from as far away as France and Poland.  Newspapers, magazines and book publishers are buying work from the 

Here's how to find out if you can be part of

Send your work to us by email or postal mail.  Our submission editors will review it to determine if it is appropriate for the feature buyers we invite to our Web site.  

If your work fits our parameters, you will be invited to have samples of your work showcased.  Given that you accept our terms, your own showcase of Web pages will be created and published within the "Writers'Bloc." 


So are you ready to us? 
Then send in your best work today to:

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